Event Details - 3rd Kangra X-Country Run

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First 300 participants will get a pair of Liger Trail shoes. Register Now
This time there two separate links to book stay and register for races. So that you take benefits of discount and book your stay later when you are sure to go there. We don't want to block your entire money now. Happy Running!

The Kangra X-Country Run 2019- The Kangra Run, also known as Kangra X-Country Run, is Coach Ravinder’s first destination run. Coach Ravinder together with Ultimate Survival Campsite is proud to present the third edition of this run to be held from 26th – 28th April, 2019.

The Kangra Run was conceptualised by Retired Major R. C. Sharma. He is also the man behind the Ultimate Survival Camp – the camp that supports the runners’ stay and food for the run. The campsite is close to the historic Jwalamukhi temple and the beautiful River Beas. Interestingly to get there you have to go through 2kms in the dense forest. And is approachable only in a 4X4 vehicle.

Mark 26 April to 28 April 2019 in your calendar for 3rd edition of Kangra X-Country.

About Kangra Valley

Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by the majestic Dhauladhar range. The area around Kangra is known for its ancient temples and picturesque surroundings. It makes for a charming valley that is a magnet for the city-dweller and a bigger magnet for the beat up city-runner.

Kangra X Country – An ITRA Certified Event

International Trail Running Association (ITRA) is the governing body for trail running races across the globe. It is indeed a matter of pride to have the running route of Kangra X-Country certified by ITRA and also have this race listed in their race calendar. You could find more information by accessing the link given (https://itra.run/race/2019/7259-3rd-kangra-x-country-run/18365-kangra-x-country-run-48k).

Certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), The Kangra X-Country Run & MTB Challenge mixes constantly-changing surroundings with near-ideal running surfaces. On this run, you go through jungle trails, dirt roads of a village, there is a km of running on the Beas river bed, you pass through the sun lit green fields, and then get back on the trail. Needless to say- this makes for an interesting cross country route. Important to note that there isn’t much elevation on this 16km course. The USP of this run is its variety of surfaces, changing scenes of nature and the ideal running weather! The beautiful Dhauladhar range is constantly in sight!

The participants will get a t-shirt, finisher medal, certificate and winners get cash prizes.

The first edition of the Kangra Run in 2017, attracted 100 runners from all over the country. 2018 had about 300 runners enjoying the Kangra valley and 2019 already has more than 200 registrations. We find it interesting to report that professional runners from Eithopia and Kenya along with Indian Army Jawaans had participated in this run.

Every year, with an increasing love for this run – we are introducing new categories. For the ones who are slowly building their aspirations towards ultrarunning, there is the 48K category. For the ones, who want to soak in the valley slowly, there is the 3-hour Forest Trail Walk that is open to kids and families. This is a great opportunity to make it a running cum family vacation.

New Categories

A 48Km Ultra Marathon on 28th
Adding thrill & adventure to your weekend stay by including 3hrs Forest Trail Walk on 27th April.
Enjoy time together with family, friends and running buddies on a running cum vacation. Check more about the event, tour packages providing accommodation, social events and excursions to nearby destinations.

Medical & Hydration support-
Hydration stations, ambulance and mobile support will be available through the course.

Participants’ Takeaway-
First 300 participants will get a pair of Liger Trail shoes. Register Now
The participants will get an event t-shirt, finisher medal and certificate

26th April- Check-in after lunch, 2pm
26th April- Musical Night & Dinner
27th April- 3hrs Forest Trail Walk
28st April- Pre start Snacks & Race Day
28st April- Brunch & Departure

Stay options & Charges-
One night stay at campsite, (check in, 3pm; check out 1pm, 27th - 28th April): 1800/- (Inclusive of Tax)
Two night stay at campsite, (check in, 3pm; check out 1pm, 26th - 28th April): 3600/- (Inclusive of Tax)
I am pitching my own tent but opt for all meals & facilities for One Day: 900/- (Inclusive of Tax)
I am pitching my own tent but opt for all meals & facilities for Two Days: 1800/- (Inclusive of Tax)
Registration link for Stay: https://www.townscript.com/e/kangra-xcountry-run-2019-stay

Race Categories-
3hrs Forest Trail Walk on Sat, 27th April (7:00am start): 1200/-
48Km Cyclothon (7:30 am start, cut off time 5:00 hrs, 3 loops): 1600/-
48Km Ultra Marathon (5:30am start, cut off time 7:00hrs, 3 loops): 2000/-
32Km Cross-country Run (6:30am start, cut off time 4:30hrs, 2 loops): 1800/-
16Km Cross-country Run (7:30am start, cut off time 3:00hrs, 1 loop): 1600/-
10Km Run (8:00am start): 1000/-
5Km Run (8:30am start): 800/-

There is no discount on stay & food only categories.
Click here for Registration link for stay

Last date of registration-
Last date of registration is 17th April 2019 or as soon as the targeted slots are sold.

50% till 25th March 2019

The Heritage walk is a great way to engage your family and get them started on their fitness journey while you are on the run!

There is also a Yoga workshop to keep the runners well stretched for the route!

Facility at campsite-
Tents and bedding, bathrooms and toilets with hot water, three meals, morning & evening tea during the duration of your stay.
Stay options- Campsite can accommodate up to 100 people in tents on sharing basis and is optional, you may opt for hotel & lodges near Jwalamukhi temple (5Km from the campsite)
Clothing- Days are warm and nights cold during that time of month.

Activities at campsite -
Quad biking & unarmed combat session.
Explore Kangra Valley and nearby places - Visit to Jwalaji Temple, Beas River, a trips to Macleodganj, Barot Valley, Bir, Chamunda Temple or Baijnath may be arranged on paid basis.

Travel options-
The registration fee doesn’t include travel expenses. Click on the link to check travel option and

3rd Kangra X-Country Run, 26 - 28 April 2019, Dohg village, Lower Ghallaur, Tehsil Jwalamukhi, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Coach Ravinder Gurugram

Contact support@coachravinder.com for more info.

Registration link for Event: https://www.townscript.com/e/kangra-xcountry-run-2019

Registration link for Stay: https://www.townscript.com/e/kangra-xcountry-run-2019-stay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/310205762925343/